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Cristiano Baricelli is born the 10th October 1977 in Genoa, city where he lives and works. Being an autodidact, from 1997 he develops a personal technique of drawing based on the use of a simple ballpoint pen. This particular technique allows him to give birth to a thick and thin area of marks, a weaving composed by dots and lines, softly and minutely created. After his debut in the Genoese gallery of S. Bernardo, he takes part to a lot of collective and personal exhibits and he works with a series of art magazines. In 2008 some of his works have been gathered in the volume entitled “ Corpus Homini”, published by “Grrrzetic”, a Genoese publishing house . In 2011 he participated to a session of Live drawing in the television show Rai Tunes hosted by Alessio Bertallot.